Second & Ten Mods
Dedicated to immersing you in football heaven...

Pro & College Cheer Images

(last updated 1-11-2016)

This updated 218 mb file by Glenn Victor now includes both college and pro images of cheerleaders after a team scores!

Christmas Pro Cheer Images

(last updated 1-11-2016)

This special holiday cheer file is full of Santa's little elves cheering on their team. However please note that this will install the Christmas pics in a folder called Christmas Cheer. They will not show up in the game until you:

1. Rename the original cheer folder to another name (ex: Cheer-Original)

2. Rename Christmas Cheer to Cheer

3. After the holidays, reverse the process.

This is needed so you won't mixup your regular cheer pics with the holiday pics.