Second & Ten Mods
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Real Injury Seasons

1970-2018 Injury Seasons

MAB did a lot of research and added the actual games missed by most players in season replays. This along with the real QB starts that are already in the game makes for more realistic results. In order not to mess with your current seasons the installer will add these files to your "Backup" season folder and INJ will show up after the year for each season. You are free to rename or move them to the master folder as you wish but note when you get updates the master season folder sometimes gets overwritten. MAB will be working on injury seasons for the 60s and the later seasons that are still missing.

1966-1969 Merged AFL-NFL Seasons

The current SAT seasons have the NFL and AFL seasons separated from 1960-1969. However this is problematic when you want the league champions to play in the Super Bowl after the 1966-1969 seasons and have it show up properly in the encyclopedia. The merged seasons below solve the problem. This is great if you want to replay both leagues in one replay and want the playoffs and Super Bowl to show up in the encyclopdia.

Two big caveats: In real life the AFL used the 2 point conversion rule so you will either have to not use it or have the NFL teams use it. The only workaround I know would be to turn on the rule when you play the AFL games and then turn off the rule when you play the NFL games.

And finally for 1967 and 1968 you will have to manually create the playoff because the current "create playoff button" can't handle an unbalanced playoff bracket (NFL sent 4 teams while AFL sent two teams to the playoffs). As long as you name your playoff season 1967 playoffs for 1967 or 1968 playoffs for 1968 the encyclopedia will pick it up fine.

The installer below will put these season in your backup season folder. Then start SAT and go to Season Tools > Season Restore and the seasons will be available to you to restore.

1966-1969 merged NFL & AFL seasons


Generic Pro Schedules

Kim Robinson has created generic schedules used for the pro game. These are handy when you create your own custom season and want to use certain schedule formats. There is no installer so you will have to put them in the correct location yourself.

14 Team, 3 divisions, 14 game schedule

14 Team, 2 divisions, 16 game schedule

12 Team, 3 divisions, 14 game schedule